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Customizable Subscription
& Fulfillment Proven to Grow Your D2C Store

We'll add subscription buying options to your ecommerce site for FREE and deliver with best-in-class order fulfillment.

  • FREE subscription installation on your site

  • Easy integrations anywhere you sell

  • Unmatched kitting and assembly services

3PL Logistics Fulfillment Storage Shipping by Bulu Paul Jarrett

We're a Subscription-First, Full-Service 3PL

Bulu How it works Fulfillment
Bulu Group - How We Work Sync Technologies
Bulu Group - How We Work Storage & Fulfillment
Bulu Group - How We Work Ship & Support

Here's what we do for you!

Bulu focuses on Consumer Packaged Goods or CPG in ecommerce fulfillment
Bulu pauljarrett fulfillment metrics rising for logistics
Bulu secret sauce of Fulfillment with 3PL Logistics


Sell Products

Adds Subscription

Syncs Technology

Stores & Packs

Ships & Supports

Scale Revenue

Our Services


Subscription Button Installation

Subscriptions today are more than an experience, it’s a part of consumers’ daily lives with 43% average monthly subscriber growth YOY. Harness Bulu's 10+ years of subscription logistics experience and know-how. We'll add a monthly subscription or subscribe and save functionality to your site at no cost when you partner with us for fulfillment services. 

Subscription Options​

  • Subscribe and save for replenishable products

  • Build-a-box capabilities

  • Delay, skip or anchor subscription dates

  • Prepay or gift options

Kitting, Assembly & Subscription Box Services

We've shipped boxes for 100's of subscription box programs or projects. We understand that each kitting project is unique from its contents and packing to the billing and shipping. We're ready to meet the unique needs of your specialty kitting project–put us to the test! 

  • Combine products into a kit to make a new SKU

  • Light assembly of parts prior to shipping

  • Un-kit to return items to their original SKU

  • Kit-to-store or kit-to ship options to fit your budget

Bulu Employees win award for packing and fulfilling various orders for product
Consumer Packaged Goods Toothepaste toiletries vitamins and supplements are one focus of Bulu
Pick Pack 3PL Logistics with kitting and subscription by Bulu
Bulu Extensiv Shopify integrations for 3PL Logistics and Fulfillment services
Shopify Plus integrates with Bulu for Fulfillment 3PL services
Bigcommerce Logo - Bulu Integration for Logistic and Fulfillment
Bulu Extensiv Magento Integration
Amazon FBA SWS Vendor and more is integrated with Bulu
Bulu works with Walmart for 3PL Logistics storage packing kitting and more
Bulu integration with eBay for shipping the Tricky Ship

Integrating Your Store

You've created an exceptional product that people want—we can reliably deliver it so you can focus on scaling your business. We combine cloud-based software solutions with human ingenuity to give your customers accurate orders, shipped same business day. Our warehouse management software integrates with nearly every sales channel so you can sell on multiple platforms. 

  • Same-day shipping & fulfillment

  • Steep shipping discounts!

  • 70+ software integrations

  • Order & inventory management software

  • Ecommerce returns processing


Multichannel Fulfillment

A complete ecommerce strategy includes selling on multiple platforms and managing them seamlessly from one place.  Bulu allows you to sell across all major channels while we fulfill from one set of inventory—a true omnichannel solution.

  • Integrations with sales platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, WooCommerce and more

  • Dashboard with centralized orders and inventory 

  • Fulfillment speed and accuracy that meets omnichannel requirements

Bulu prints over 2 million labels for 1 fulfillment client
Man in Fork-Lift Specializing in Inventory & Warehouse - Bulu Group - Fulfillment for Companies Ready to Scale
Bulu Pick & Pack Bulk Orders

Steep Shipping Discounts

Bulu has best-in class negotiated rates from major couriers including UPS and FedEx. Companies who partner with Bulu for fulfillment save an average of 28% on shipping costs.  ​​​

Inventory & Warehouse Services

Bulu was born out of an ecommerce and subscription business. We understand how critical inventory, on-time delivery and accuracy is and designed our system and processes to solve the pain points associated with them. 

  • 2 day dock-to-stock inventory receiving

  • Same-day order fulfillment

  • 99.9% order accuracy

  • U.S. based client service with a dedicated account manager

  • No long-term contracts​

Our Guarantees

Bulu Guarantees 100% of Orders Ship Same Day
Bulu provides order fulfillment accuracy
Bulu Guarantees Free Subscription Installation
Bulu Guarantees Free First Tech Integration

Subsription Installation

Order Accuracy

of Orders Ship Same Day

1st Tech Integration

Brands We Work With

Disney Bulu fulfillment 3PL partnership logo
Crayola Bulu Paul Jarrett Partnership for 3PL Kitting services and storage
Bulu and Scotts Logo teaming up to ship plants for Lunarly and BuzzFeed
Fulfillment logo with 3PL for Clorox and Bulu
Discovery Channel Shark Week Partners with Bulu and Pauljarrett
Partnership for 3PL ship fulfillment kitting and more with Lululemon logo and Bulu
GNC Livewell Logo with Bulu to ship over 2 million packages and the Tricky Ship

Fulfillment, Storage & Shipping Pricing

Bulu pick pack fulfillment icon


Pick, Pack & Ship 1 Item
  • Fulfillment starts at $1.79 + $0.30 addtl.

  • U.S. shipping starting at $4.62

  • Ships in poly-mailer at 12oz

Kitting Bundling and Assembly is in Bulu DNA for shipping through carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and more for Bulu 3PL Logistics services
  • Fulfillment starts at $1.49

  • U.S. shipping starting at $6.39*

  • Ships in 10x10x10 box at 2 lb

Kit 3 Items, Ship as Single SKU


* Pricing includes base carrier rates, delivery surcharges are not included. These fees compare to standard payment processing fees.

Want to calculate your own costs?

Bulu Group Pricing Calculator Icon - Bulu Group - Fulfillment for Companies Ready to Scale
Portrait of woman with testimonial  - Bulu Group - Fulfillment for Companies Ready to Scale

Jenna O'Connor
Director, Loyalty

Bulu has been our trusted partner for the fulfillment of our GNC Pro Box for about 5 years. They are able to kit hundreds of thousands of boxes quickly and efficiently according to a complex product matrix, and they go above and beyond as partners to identify issues, problem solve and expand the Pro Box program. 



Bulu Fulfillment Partner Perks Badge - Bulu Group - Fulfillment for Companies Ready to Scale


Whether its installing subscribe and save or shipping a monthly subscription box—we're here to be an extension of your business.

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 1

Free Subscription Integration

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 2

Dedicated U.S. Account Manager

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 3

Same Day Shipping

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 4

No Long-Term Contracts

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 5

2-Day Dock to Stock

Bulu Award Winner

Multichannel Sales Integration

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 6

Inventory & Order Management

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 7

Kit-to-Ship or Kit-to-Store Options

Bulu Partner Perk Check Mark 8

Shipping Rate Discounts

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