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  • What services does Bulu offer?
    Bulu provides fast and accurate daily order fulfillment, kitting, bundling, wholesale, and bulk order services. We accomplish this through our proven processes and labor management. Bulu focuses on providing simple and effective technology solutions, quality service, and dedicated account support. This combination of technology and human touch gives our Clients the ability to easily manage, view and retain control over their fulfillment operations. Bulu helps solve common fulfillment headaches through a suite of subscription and fulfillment services including: Receiving, holding, and managing inventory using cloud-based management solutions that are accessible to our Clients. Bulk kitting and bundling including multiple versions or varieties. Daily order fulfillment including pick & pack, wholesale, Business to Business (B2B), and bulk kit (subscription) order batching, processing, and fulfillment. Providing a dedicated account manager so you know who to go to for questions and information.
  • Can I access a Client Dashboard?
    Yes. Bulu will provide a dashboard through its WMS (Warehouse Management Software) that displays current inventory stock levels, inbounds, receiving, orders, and returns. Training on how to utilize the Dashboard will be provided by the dedicated account manager.
  • What does my Account Manager do?
    Each Client will be assigned a dedicated Bulu account manager. Your account manager can provide the following services: Weekly touch-base [L-10] meeting during your 4 to 6-week onboarding process. Act as liaison to ensure understanding, convey information and verify accuracy. Support development by sharing insights, identifying potential risks, and problem-solving strategic solutions. Training on how to monitor inventory using cloud-based WMS. Monitor outbound shipments and order status. Create bulk kitting and shipping timelines and manage all necessary parties
  • What is the temperature of Bulu's Warehouse?
    Bulu’s temperature controlled facility works to maintain a temperature range between 68 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature may range between >59 to <86 degrees Fahrenheit. Bulu monitors its warehouse humidity and is kept at a range between >15% to <65% with an ideal range of 20 - 50%.
  • What software integrations are available?
    Bulu uses the leading warehouse management software (WMS). There are many integrations available including the following: Shopify WooCommerce Magento Quickbooks Commerce Volusion Shift4Shop 3dCart Amazon Seller Central eBay BigCommerce PayPal Dear Systems Ultracart Ecwid Nexternal PrestaShop TradeGecko XML Files CSV Files over FTP 1ShoppingCart Channel Advisor CommerceHub CrateJoy Neto Skubana Infusionsoft ByDesignFreedom Lightspeed Retail Uniware ClearConnect AspDotNetStoreFront CS-Cart Walmart Marketplace CIN7 Blue Cherry SPS Commerce Groupon Goods Houzz Wayfair Stitch Labs ArcDynamic Pulse Commerce Salesforce Etsy ClickBank Vend Magento 2 Squarespace Netsuite Unleashed DSCO Walmart DSV Teapplix Yahoo Stores JOOR ShipStation Integral Group 3PL Central ApparelMagic Zoho Inventory Google Shopping Vin eRetail Zoey Quickbooks Online Wish OnBuy Amazon Direct Fulfillment Faire Veeqo Radial Linnworks Celigo Orderbot Centra OpenCart WebShop
  • Do I need to create items in the WMS?
    Yes. The client is responsible for creating items within the WMS, Bulu’s Warehouse Management System, in order to properly receive and fulfill orders. Bulu’s account manager will walk you through the creation of items and can assist in the creation of your first items. Items within the WMS will have the following information: SKU Item Description Unit of Measure Dimensions Weight Case pack (optional)
  • Do I need to create Receipts (for Inbound Deliveries)?
    Yes. The Client is responsible for notifying Bulu of inbound deliveries by creating a Receipt in Bulu’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS). The receipt must include all required fields including: Receipt Reference ID: Please use the Project Name in the reference ID as well as any other helpful information. Expected Arrival Date Transport Information Carrier (if known) Bill of Lading Number (if known) Tracking Number (if known) Receipt Line Items SKU Name Quantity Weight (lbs) Dimensions Weight
  • What are the inbound shipment requirements?
    Products must be accompanied by a packing list with the following information: Client name SKU Product Description Packs unit of measure (e.g. 150 cases) Total Quantity (e.g. 30 units per case) Bulu can provide master pack labels to be applied to master cases being shipped to Bulu. Clients may provide their own master pack labels. Pallets must be standard four-way entry pallet (40”x48”) with a max height of 60”. Bulu may accept pallets outside of these dimensions if formally agreed upon in writing. Products must contain barcode labels unless otherwise agreed upon by Bulu and Client. Boxes containing mixed skus may be subject to receiving delays. Items missing barcode labels may be delayed or subject to other inaccuracies.
  • Does Bulu require Dock Scheduling Appointments?
    Yes. A dock appointment must be made through Bulu’s dock scheduling system. The dock scheduler can be found at the top of or provided by an account manager. All Clients should instruct their freight carrier to schedule an appointment. Bulu reserves the right to deny a delivery until an appointment has been made. .
  • What are standard receiving and inspection processes?
    Bulu provides 3-point inventory inspection for all receipts. The inspection includes the following: First, Bulu will confirm the product received matches the Inbound Receipt received through Bulu’s warehouse management system (“WMS”). Second, Bulu will open one master case to confirm the product inside is correct. Bulu will also count the number of units in said master case if the contents are equal to or less than 48 units to confirm that the quantity inside matches the label on the master case. Master cases with a quantity above 48 units will not be hand counted unless requested and may be subject to additional fees. Third, If the product and quantity are accurate in the inspected master case, then Bulu will assume the other remaining master cases are also accurate and calculate the total quantity received against the Inbound Receipt. If the product and quantity of an inbound delivery do not appear to be accurate, Bulu will notify the Client and offer a hand count at the Special Projects Rate.
  • What are Unpackaging Fees?
    Packages that contain 19 or fewer units may be subject to an unpackaging fees if they are to be broken down to individual units for a kitting project. This includes items that arrive in retail packaging that must be broken down for kitting if containing 19 or fewer units per retail package.
  • Will Bulu store or fulfill hazardous materials?
    Bulu will fulfill pre-packaged batteries D size or smaller (such as AAA, AA, C, D, 9V) including lithium batteries. For a full list of prohibited hazardous materials contact your account manager. Bulu reserves the right to alter shipping methods as required to meet carrier guidelines for shipping hazardous materials, including batteries.
  • How is pallet storage calculated?
    Storage fees are calculated by Bulu’s WMS based on the date of receipt. Long-term storage of pallets will be billed at the aged pallet storage rate. Long-term Storage: Pallets that have been stored for more than 90 days without sale or movement will be billed at the Aged Pallet Storage rate as outlined in the agreement.
  • Are inventory or cycle counts available?
    Hand counts are available upon request at the Special Projects hourly rate.
  • Is inventory disposition available?
    Bulu can dispose of inventory in a number of ways including destruction, recycling, or donation. Contact your account manager to discuss options and to get an estimate on disposal costs.
  • What is standard order turnaround time?
    Bulu’s standard is to ship all fully allocated, direct to consumer (D2C/DTC) orders received into the WMS by 11AM CT the same day on business days. Bulu guarantees that all orders will ship within 2 business days. We request that Clients inform their account manager 10 business days in advance of any special promotions that may create a significant increase in daily order volume so that Bulu can make the appropriate staffing changes to continue to fulfill orders placed by 11AM CT the same day.
  • Can I update an order that's already been placed?
    It is possible for orders may be canceled or changed after entering Bulu’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) as long as the order hasn’t been picked yet. To request a cancellation: Check the order status in the WMS to make sure it hasn’t already shipped. If the order has not been shipped, email or call your account manager. As long as the order hasn’t been picked, Bulu will cancel or update the order. Once an order has entered picking status/phase, no changes may be requested or made.
  • What type of packaging is available?
    Bulu stocks a variety of cardboard boxes, poly mailers, bubble mailers and void fill. Bulu will choose the appropriate packaging to meet the needs of each individual order. For a full list of available packaging options, contact your account manager.
  • Are packing slips included with each order?
    As a standard, Bulu does not include packing slips in orders. This improves both efficiency and waste.
  • Can orders be packed in my custom, branded box?
    Bulu can use any custom branded packaging elements including stickers, boxes, tape, tissue paper, shrink wrap, and more. Please contact an account manager for a more detailed list and pricing.
  • Does Bulu handle Amazon FBA?
    Bulu will receive and prep your inventory to be sent to Amazon’s FBA distribution centers. Bulu can assist with additional labeling and palletizing of inventory being sent to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Guidelines must be submitted to Bulu for packaging and shipping of goods to Amazon.
  • Can Bulu accommodate special instructions such as gift messages?
    Yes. You can send special order instructions to Bulu by applying TAGS to your ORDERS (not products). Below is a list of common tags that Bulu will accept. If you have a need for a new tag please contact your Account Manager to determine the appropriate tag to use. Additional fees apply to orders with TAGs. GIFT-MESSAGE-PS (Packing Slip) GIFT-MESSAGE-INSERT (Print on client branded paper) GIFT-WRAP Wrap in client-provided gift wrap, according to client instructions (pre-determine with Account Manager) HEAT-PACK – Add a heat pack to the order. SPECIAL-INSTRUCTIONS: < add the actual Instructions.> Depending on the special instructions, additional fees may apply.
  • How are batch orders kitted and shipped?
    Bulu specializes in high volume kitting and bulk orders. Most 3PL’s only offer kit-to-store kitting options which requires that the new, kitted SKU is handled twice. Bulu also offers kit-to-ship as a more efficient and cost effective option. Kit-to-Ship: If you have a large batch of kitted product that will ship in bulk and are able to provide order data prior to kitting, then we can kit-to-ship. In this option, Bulu will bulk-print shipping labels and apply them at the time of kitting. Order data is due to Bulu 14 days prior to the target ship date. For batch shipments over 30,000 units, Bulu may request Client data more than 10 business days in advance. Kit-to-Store: Kit-to-store boxes are shipments that are kitted but not labeled and then palletized and placed back into inventory. Then orders are fulfilled daily according to the standard pick-and-pack order process and rates.
  • Can I provide instructions on how to kit my subscription box?
    Yes. In fact, a kitting guide is required for each kitting request. Bulu will provide a template for kitting guides. This guide will contain written and photo instructions on how a kit should be assembled as well as SKU information and quantities per kit version. Bulu’s team utilizes these guides to ensure the final box is kitted to the Client’s specifications. Kitting guides are not required for individual pick and pack shipments.
  • Can shipping methods be mapped to the customer's preference?
    Yes. Bulu's software can map the shipping service it uses for each order to the ship code the customer used on your web site at checkout. When an established code such as 'Standard' enters the system Bulu can link this to a specific carrier or push the system to rate shop for the cheapest method among approved carrier options.
  • Does Bulu handle international shipments?
    Yes. Bulu has international pick-ups every day and can accommodate DDU or DDP orders.
  • What is the standard transit time for shipments from your facility?
    From our central location in Nebraska, orders can reach 95% of the U.S. in just 3 days at 'standard' or 'ground' shipment rates.
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