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FREE Financial Model Template for Subscription Box Business

We've launched dozens of subscription box programs. Enjoy the fruits of our labor with this FREE template


About the Financial Model Template

Having launched and managed more than 22 subscription box programs that have generated more than $50 million in revenue between them, the Bulu team has fine-tuned the subscription box financial model. Enjoy the fruits of our labor and get a first class budget, forecast and churn model for your subscription box business.


Previously, this financial model was only available to Bulu's subscription box partners as part of a $25,000 new box program package. Bulu is now making it available FREE!

Enter your costs, estimates, forecast and other assumptions into one form and this excel file will generate the following items for you automatically: 

1) Accrual Summary

2) Cash Summary

3) Accrual Model

4) Cash Model 

5) Churn Model

6) Cash Transaction Churn Model

Template Features: ​

  • Thorough financial model that accounts for every necessary subscription box cost such as packaging, shipping, kitting, storage, customer service and returns. 

  • Build a 4 year forecast based on your marketing budget, estimated CAC (cost to acquire a customer) and estimated churn.

  • Inline instructions that define many line items  and helpful tips to guide you in determining your pricing structure, estimated CAC and estimated churn. 

  • A churn table for each subscription type 

Subscription Box Financial Model Video Overview

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File Format: Excel (also compatible with Google Sheets)

File Size: 650 KB

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