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Bulu is a 3PL born out of the subscription box industry. We know how to kit or assemble boxes more efficiently than anyone and will go the extra mile with the personalized touch your customers expect!

Unmatched Kitting, Subscription Box
and Assembly Services

Bulu Employees Kitting Subscription Boxes

Wait, What is Kitting Exactly? 

Let's define kitting compared to pick & pack activities.


Combine multiple, varied items into a box to create a new unique SKU. The new product is then either a) shipped immediately or b) stored as a new SKU for shipment later. 

Pick & Pack

Collect a specified number of certain products from their respective locations to fulfill a customer order. Then prepare and pack the picked products for shipment. 

Bulu Kitting & Subscription Focused Warehouse
Bulu Employees Packing Orders
Bulu Warehouse Kitting Lines

Why Bulu is the #1 Choice for Kitting & Subscription Box Fulfillment

Subscription Box Kitting Services

  • Kit up to 100,000 boxes in one day

  • Steep shipping discounts!

  • Kit variation assembly

  • Personal touch add-ons (like hand-written notes)

  • 20,000 sq. ft. dedicated to kitting alone!

Bulu's experience in kitting and subscription boxes is unmatched. We've launched or managed 100's of subscription box programs including box in beauty, health & wellness, pet care, toys and even live plants. From our racking configuration to our dense-packed aisles, from our flexible kitting options to our on-site customer support—Bulu was designed for kitting and assembly fulfillment first! 


Kit-to-Ship or Kit-to-Store

Most 3PLs only offer kit-to-store capabilities. However, for some orders such as subscription box orders with a static monthly ship date, this is inefficient. That's why Bulu offers the option to kit-to-ship as well as kit-to-store.

  • Pre-kit a set amount of products and store as a new SKU.

  • New SKUs are then available for sale.

  • Orders are fulfilled daily as they are received.  



  • Cost-saving option for bulk shipments on a static interval (such as a monthly subscription box)  

  • Shipping labels are pre-printed and applied as part of the kitting process

  • Kits are then shipped immediately

More reasons why!

Bulu Kitting Project
gradient background
Kit up to 4 items
for as low as: 


Subscription Box Fulfillment Expertise

You have the option to create your own kitting guides with step-by-step instructions which our team will follow when packing your kits. Your dedicated account manager will review the guide with you prior to beginning the project and will be on-site when the kitting begins.  

How We Exceed Our Client's Expectations

  • Client-created kitting guides

  • On-site, dedicated Account Manager

  • Flexible kitting timelines and options

Bulu Packing a Subscription Box in the warehouse


Special Requests? Just ask.

While other 3PLs force you into a one-size-fits-all fulfillment solution, Bulu values your brand and customer experience as much as you do. Whether it's wrapping kit contents with tissue-paper, sealing the box with a sticker or adding a perfectly tied bow, we are ready to meet the unique needs of your specialty kitting project–put us to the test!

​Special Request Kitting Capabilities 

  • Place custom labels on products

  • Add a bonus item to a pre-assembled kit

  • Assemble small parts before kitting

  • Wrap contents in tissue paper like a gift

Bulu Kitting Specialist Employee
Kitting Specialist at Bulu
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Number of packages we can kit per day per location
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Create a Kit for Less than $2.00!



Kit 4 items in client-provided branded box



Bulu Shipping Icon


Up to 2 lbs in a 10x10x10 box

Bulu Magic Box Icon



Total Cost per Order

Want to calculate your own costs?

Bulu Group Pricing Calculator Icon - Bulu Group - Fulfillment for Companies Ready to Scale

Reach 95% of the U.S. in 3 Days via Ground Shipping

Use the map below to see how Bulu's central coverage compares to 3PLs in other regions.

Bulu 3PL Shipping Coverage Map

1 Day Delivery

2 Day Delivery

3 Day Delivery

4 Day Delivery

5 Days +


Kitting Projects Assembled and Fulfilled by Bulu

Bulu Lunarly Plant Box Kitting Project

Plus hundreds more!
Ask to see more work

Bulu Disney Backstage Kitting Project
Disney Backstage
Bulu GNC Pro Box Kitting Project
GNC Pro Box
Bulu Disney Bedtime Adventure Box Kitting Project
Disney Bedtime Adventure

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