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Lululemon gifts a premium experience, powered by Bulu

Each winter, Lululemon continues its mission of giving back and giving forward by gifting a curated Influencer Gift Box to select team members, brand ambassadors, and influencers in the yoga community. In 2017, Lululemon's Christina Bakewell increased the shipments of the Influencer Gift Box project by over 753% by using Bulu's curation, procurement, design, fulfillment, and project management services.

Lululemon gift box image with Gabrielle Bernstein book, Baron Baptiste book, Soapbox Soaps, Numi Tea, Lululemon gift card and other small items.
The Lululemon Influencer Gift Box included books by best-selling authors Gabrielle Bernstein and Baron Baptiste.


Christina had previously managed the project internally, but it never exceeded 75 boxes. For 2017, Christina and her team aimed to expand the Influence Gift Box from 75 recipients to 640 recipients. As Christina recalls, “the scale of sending almost 700 curated boxes out was too big for me to accomplish.”

Christina was familiar with Bulu and its private-label Subscription Boxes, having worked alongside the Bulu team on The Good Life Halfsy, a half marathon in Lincoln, Nebraska, of which Bulu's first subscription program Bulu Box was the presenting sponsor. To hit her 2017 goals, Christina knew she’d need “the expert in curating and processing large quantities” and that the “hardworking team [at Bulu] would crush this project for lululemon.”


As a pioneer in the Subscription Box industry, the team at Bulu is practiced in the complex logistical process of curated recurring and one-time box shipments. Using proprietary tools and knowledge, Bulu managed the project from inception in July 2017 with these goals and expectations:


  • Curate additional products that align with the Lululemon brand

  • Stay on-time and under budget


  • Box design and products feel distinctly Lululemon

The team at Lululemon doesn’t just think forward. They think outward – how can this design, this process, or this sale elevate the world? The Bulu team used this philosophy to curate the best products from their supplier contacts for Lululemon.

Flat-lay photo of 12 items included in the Lululemon Influencer box: 2 books, a box of tea, a bar of soap, a gift card, a flag, two printed papers, and 3 other small, unidentified items.

Bulu secured five additional products from new and existing brand partners whose visions matched the Lululemon focus on exceptional design, elevating communities, and sustainable practices.

Utilizing their Lincoln, Nebraska, fulfillment facility, Bulu staff received each Lululemon item and the other brand products. A meticulous and efficient packing process yielded the end product: a uniquely Lululemon gift box experience, powered by Bulu.


Gifts were shipped and delivered to Lululemon's selection of ambassadors, teammates and influencers in December 2017.

Beyond the external success of the project, Christina noted an unexpected internal benefit: “I built NEW, trusting partnerships with co-workers because I collaborated with 4-5 NEW departments that I had never needed to in the past.” When asked if she would partner with Bulu on this project again, Christina replied, “YES.”


Bulu can take your gift box or recurring subscription from idea to reality. Request a call at the top right of this page or contact to get started today!


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