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The Most Important Questions to Ask a Potential Fulfillment Partner or 3PL

A worker standing in Bulu's fulfillment center

Are you looking for a fulfillment partner for your growing business? We developed this questionnaire based on numerous client questions and RFPs to provide you with a framework for determining the best partner for your business. Use this Fulfillment Company Questionnaire & Comparison Sheet during your conversations.

Order & Fulfillment Standards

  1. Do you offer an order accuracy guarantee?

  2. Do you offer a same day order processing guarantee?

  3. Do you offer multiple shipping carriers to choose from?

  4. Do you provide international shipping?

  5. Do you provide shipping discounts?

  6. Do you offer value-add services including kitting, labeling, inserts, etc.?

  7. Do you offer returns processing services?

  8. If you don’t ship an order on time, will you pay a penalty fee for your mistake?

  9. Is inventory received within 48 hours?

Pricing & Integrations

  1. Do you offer flexible pricing plans that can be tailored to my business needs?

  2. Do you offer free account setup?

  3. Do you offer free system integration?

  4. Do you offer free Account Management?

  5. Do you have a no long-term contract agreement?

Customer Support

  1. Do you offer free Account Management?

  2. Do you offer flexible, custom solutions tailored to my specific business needs?

  3. Do you have customers service response via phone or a 24/7 support ticket system?

  4. Is your customer service team on-site with the order fulfillment team and inventory?

  5. Do you have a fast and easy way to communicate with your clients?


  1. Does your facility have a 24-hour monitored security camera system?

  2. Is the facility climate-controlled?

  3. Do clients have access to your facility for visits?

Other Partner Perks

  1. Do you offer kit-to-ship and kit-to-store options for bulk kitting or subscription box projects?

  2. Do you offer a free login to view real-time inventory, orders and receipts?

  3. Do you offer free subscription installation on client product pages to grow orders per customer?

  4. Can you accommodate unique requests for my orders such as custom packaging, gift messages or free samples?

Whether its installing subscribe and save or shipping a monthly subscription box—we're here to be an extension of your business. Our Service Guarantees mean we will meet or exceed your expectations! Schedule a meeting today to learn more!


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