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Subscription Box Customer Service 101

Subscription Box Customer Service 101

In many ways, Subscription Box customer service fulfills many of the same roles and responsibilities that traditional Ecommerce customer service does. However, the recurring nature of Subscription Boxes does create some unique considerations when it comes to serving Subscription Box customers.

For starters, Subscription Box customers tend to have more brand affinity and loyalty compared to standard Ecommerce transactional relationships. The longer a customer has been subscribed, the more they have invested in your brand, and the higher their expectations are likely to be in terms of customer service quality. Consequently, it is worth your time and effort to protect your customers’ lifetime value by reinvesting in them through consistent and exceptional customer care.

The customer service team can also play a strategic role. The customer service team is likely to be the first to know when customers love something or when they are dissatisfied. Beyond providing positive solutions to customers, customer service representatives can improve the customer experience via product suggestions and providing accurate reporting and process documentation.

You Can Outsource Subscription Box Customer Service

While many small businesses opt to manage their customer service internally in order to keep costs low and stay directly connected with their customers, that is not the only option. If your company is growing and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of resources it takes to manage your customer service, consider outsourcing to the right partner.

Bulu offers customer service solutions that can fit your business’s needs informed by their years of experience managing Subscription Boxes and their customers. Regain time to focus on other aspects of your business, while retaining your valuable customer feedback through regular reports that can provide you with the actionable insights you need. Feel confident knowing that your customers are no longer an afterthought and that they are well cared for.

If you have questions or would like to talk to Bulu about outsourcing your customer service get a hold of us at

A beginners guide to Subscription Box customer service PDF


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