Subscription Box Design Basics

The box is your subscriber's first impression of your Subscription Box. The Bulu team has designed and shipped millions of boxes for brands like Disney, Discovery Channel Shark Week and Crayola. We're sharing our best practices for box design so you can impress your subscribers and understand your box manufacturer better.

What is a Tuck and Fold Box?

Tuck and fold is the most common box style used for Subscription Boxes at Bulu. We like this style because it’s perfect for protecting contents while shipping. The tabs on the lid help the box stay closed during transit. And, it’s highly presentational which lends to the subscription experience!

Tuck and Fold Video Example


The dieline is the package template that will be used to create the outline of the box. It is a detailed diagram that shows all the cut lines and folds of a package in flattened form.

When the box is finished, the rendered dieline will be used to create a physical template with the box manufacturer that cuts each box out, like a cookie cutter.

Adobe Illustrator is the standard program used to create mockup dielines and may be created by designers.


Anatomy of a Tuck and Fold (Top Tuck) Box